18:30 Wednesday, 26 July 2023

  • Get informed about filing taxes in Germany as an employed worker vs. a freelancer, and what this means for social security, expenses and real costs.
  • Learn about the tax system for employed workers vs. freelancers. 
  • Talk with an experienced tax specialist, and organisers from Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin & the Berlin Worker Center.
  • Get connected with help to navigate German bureaucracy. 
  • Meet other workers struggling with similar issues. 
  • Build power through organising


The programme will be in English.

  • 18:30 Doors open tea, coffee & snacks
  • 19:00 Workshop begins
  • 20:00 Short break
  • 20:30 Questions
  • 21:00 Wrap Up

Confused By German tax system? (Text is repeated on this website)


  • Join the Berlin Worker Center and Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin for a community conversation about your rights as an immigrant and as a worker in Germany.
  • Connect with other workers and immigrants over food and drinks. Learn more about the Berlin Worker Center and speak with organisers about your worker rights. The training will cover:
  • A step-by-step overview of how to file your taxes as a migrant worker.
  • The difference between filing as an employed worker vs. a freelancer.
  • How these different categories affect your social security, expenses and real costs.
  • Learn the difference between your Steuer-ID, Steuernummer, and Umsatzsteuer ID.


Siegfried-Hirschmann- Park 1
10247 Berlin


2023_07_26_Worker_Center_Taxes KYR_Flyer_Print.pdf

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